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    May 18, 2013
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the bottom of the hour. welcome back, everybody.
i am poppy harlow. >> i am victor blackwell. five stories we are watching is number one, the commuter train collision in connecticut. they are trying to determine what caused the train to jump the tracks into the path of another train. as many as 70 people sent to the hospital and most treated and released but three people still in critical condition this morning. number two, according to south korea's news agency, north korea launched three short range guided missiles today. south korea's ministry of defense said all three ended up in the sea off the korean's peninsula's east coast, and there is a maintain much readiness to act. and number three -- or should i say $600 million? that's how much the jackpot is worth. it's the biggest prize in the game's history.
you might not want to spend your winnings yet, because the odds of hitting all six numbers and the powerball number are 175 million to 1. if nobody pulls it off, next wednesday's jackpot could jump to $925 million. number four, starting today same-sex couples in france can marry and adopt children, and that's after the president signed a controversial bill into law. conservative opponents filed the last ditch legal problem, and the bill is constitutional. france is now the ninth country in europe to allow same-sex marriage. and a cia operatve thrown out in russia in january, and a representative of the russian federal security service says the agency is talking about the ins dent because it's just fed up with the u.s. ignoring its warnings about spy activity.
this week moscow detained a u.s. diplomat. the u.s. has only acknowledged that fogel worked at the u.s. embassy in moscow. now to the boston marathon bombing. we have learned the sole surviving suspect skrecribbled something on the boat. he wrote that the attack was payback for u.s. attacks on muslim areas during wars in muslim lands, proclaiming an attack on one muslim is an attack on all. the source says dzhokhar tsarnaev says the victims were collateral damage. and our national security analyst joins us this morning from boston. thank you for joining us and we
appreciate it. i am interested in what you think the new information does. does it change the theory that some floated that dzhokhar tsarnaev was a follower, somebody brainwashed of a sort? >> i think it may be consistent with that notion. you look at dzhokhar, he is being shot at and he thinks he is going to die, and he writes something on a boat, a message on a boat, and it's sort of mimicking the language of jihad, the collateral damage language comes from a lot of materials out of terrorists organizations. the truth is, i mean, he didn't try to save himself and he didn't try to commit suicide. you could imagine a scenario in which he wants to go down with his brother and he comes running out of the boat. he didn't do that. look, i think his lawyers are going to use this to argue, as they already are hinting at,
that not only was he brainwashed by the brother, but that anything he did while in the boat was so -- he was so under stress, and he was so beaten up by the guns and the run and everything else that happened that night that we have to take everything that we did in those last couple of hours with a grain of salt. there's a story in the "boston globe" that says that will be their theory of the case, we can't believe a word he said in the last 24 hours. >> that's fascinating. how do you think the existence of the note that we now know about changes the investigation. does it? >> the prosecution is -- was just allowed late last night by the judge to take pictures of dzhokhar while in the recovery period. they want to show what bad shape he was in thursday night or that friday night when he was
captured and what the recovery was like, and their theory being essentially everything he did on that friday night with the cops, including confessions and what he wrote on the boat were done under duress and he was beaten up, and that seems to be the theory of the case as we understand it now, to at least keep dzhokhar away from the death penalty. >> what is interesting about the photos, dzhokhar tsarnaev wanted to take those privately and not share them with the government, and the judge said no all sides get to see them. there are a lot of questions, but given what we know now, what do you think the biggest questions are still out there that they want dzhokhar tsarnaev to answer? >> he knows about his brother's
travels to russia, and more and more evidence is suggesting that his brother went to russia and tried to join terrorists organizations but couldn't. the reason why he couldn't is because the organizations tend not allow anybody in, and the leader of the terrorists organizations said they had nothing to do with the brothers or the attack. so there are still requequestio about that. did they get lucky on marathon monday in terms of the bombs, or did they test them? we still don't seem to have any proof that they were tested, which means they were either very good at bomb-making or they got very, very lucky. and i think people just want to know how did that happen? >> a lot of questions, and those are big ones. thank you for reporting through all of this. in cleveland, the man accused of kidnapping and raping
three women had pets. three dogs. now the fbi is asking cleveland if the women could claim the dogs if they want them. reportedly a chihuahua was found inside his car on the night he was arrested. the dogs have been since cleaned up a up. and then reunited with a 6-year-old pit bull, junior. his baby. and then sasha being a diva. beyonce and the team banned those photographers. we want to know what you think. we will ask our guests what they think. that's up next. are we? in london, no. why? apparently my debit card is.
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a live look at the sun rising over granbury, texas. a beautiful shot. but there is a lot of destruction thereafter those 16 tornados touched down in north texas on wednesday night. people are waking up. this is the third sunrise, and they are trying to sift through what is left. there is a chance of rough weather up in the plain states this weekend. we will talk about that in a moment. coming up on 16 minutes to the top of the hour, and we are talking entertainment. a lot of people angry with mrs.
shawn carter. beyonce. she and her team are tired of media organizations publishing what they deem unflattering photographs. that's their opinion. the pictures we are showing you right now is an example of what they do not like. she banned photo journalists for the world tour and they will release photos from her own private photographer. how fair is this ban? we will talk a marketing professional. you represent this court protesting beyonce's photo ban. why is the access so important to you guys? >> we believe that the press should have independent access. beyonce is perfectly within her rights to set up whatever kind
of thing she would like to do. many other celebrities say we don't want the press there, this is only for our fans. she wants the coverage, and she wants to put out her images, and she wants the press to use those. and that's the thing that we have the problem with. and unfortunately as you just saw you putting up the pictures she objects to, it's having the reverse affect. organizations decided those are the pictures they will run with her concert review. what we would suggest is that if she wants press coverage that she allows the press to cover her events. >> miki says this is going to create backlash and has created backlash, and does it hurt the beyonce brand. >> no, the brand is beyond
reproach. we are taking about a superstar and a super mom and now somebody that is super real. fans don't like bans. the fact is she stands for something much bigger. she is not a brand, she is a stan. she stands for women's empowerment. she has been there and helping women sing their story and dance their story and this is a key moment for her, and actually sparks a bigger conversation about the media and a camera ready world. >> if she stands for something so great, doesn't this just seem petty? >> absolutely petty. actually, i asked the question, is this the publicist speaking or beyonce? because publicists love to handle their superstars. i think there might be a good to look at the public relationtions strategy. everybody in my office wants to be a beyonce. my assistance wants her hair and
some men want her muscles. >> there is one picture where she is really muscular. and tina turner had that body during the '70s and said please don't take a picture of my well-toned body onstage. is she creating enemies where she otherwise would not have enemies, and is this bad advice from the publicist? >> i don't know that she is creating enemies, and she is not creating enemies with us but we are making that suggestion. we are looking at the bigger picture. there are so many politicians and celebrities and everybody wants to control their message, and you can do that, but you can't have it both ways. you know, if we are going to end up with people just handing out press releases, handing out photographs in short order, we are going to see a press that is
not very viable, and as you all can understand. >> never want to tell the press release story because there is a story behind it. you wrote a letter to the world tour, and what was the response, if any? >> i wrote a letter on behalf of our members and 19 other organizations including the los angeles times and many others that signed on to it. we all feel strongly about it. the only reaction that i have gotten so far is that i almost heard immediately after releasing the letter that the address that i had on the letter was an incorrect one and they asked me to correct it, which we did. since then i followed up with an e-mail but heard nothing back. >> no real response. last word to you. >> beyonce rules the girls, and the saying is girls rule the world.
poppy? federal investigators are expected to arrive in connecticut any moment. that's the site of a devastating train collision that happened late yesterday. up next, i will talk to the chairman of the ntsb about the investigation and all the details on what happened. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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hospitalized with three in critical condition. federal investigators are expected to arrive later this morning. joining us is debra hersman, chairman of the ntsb. thank you for joining us. first off, what do you know at this hour? >> well, right now we've got one investigator who arrived on the scene last night, he's been working very closely with metro north and the federal railroad administration to document the scene, to assess the damages and we have a full go team en route, they've already departed from d.c. and they should be arriving this morning. >> the "new york times" is saying police were investigating "as though it were a crime scene." that caught my attention, what does it mean? >> at this point we don't have any indication this is anything other than an accident so we will be working closely with the officials if we identify anything that we think is a
concern that raises any criminal concerns we'd turn that over to law enforcement. in many case what we need is really good help from law enforcement while we're on scene to help us do the documentation and secure the site and make sure nobody tampers with any of the evidence so we very much appreciate law enforcement, state and federal, for all their help. >> tell me what you're looking for, what are the main things you look for in an accident or in a situation like this. >> well, i think first we're thankful that this accident wasn't worse. you have hundreds of passengers on each of these trains, these are high speed tracks and at the end of the day there are no fatalities so we're grateful for that. once we get on scene we'll be looking at everything, operations, we're going to be looking at track and maintenance and look at survival factors so it's important for us to determine early the point of
derailment, that will help us gather the facts and collect the evidence. >> do you have any update on the patients. about 70 people injured, two dozen still in the hospital, three in critical condition. do you have any updates on the types of injuries that have been sustained? >> i do not and of course our thoughts are with those folks who are hospitalized and hoping for a speedy recovery for them. >> of course. local authorities have said this investigation could take weeks. is that the way you see it or is it just too early to tell? >> you know our investigations are thorough but i will tell you starting this morning and throughout the next couple of days we would be providing factual information to the public and for any regular media briefings so as we identify information it would be made available. if we identify any safety issues that need abe addressed we will get that information out asap. >> this is a main commuter line in and out of new york city and
in that tri-state area. is there any pressure to get this investigation done more quickly or is this just how long it takes and it will be done when it's done and the lines will open back up when we're ready? >> no, we understand that this is a main artery in eastern corridor here. this is high traffic area, it's very important to the region and we want to get this line opened back up as expeditiously as possible. we began the fact gathering last night. the documentation, the photographs, and we will continue that this morning, get it turned back over to metro north as soon as possible so they can repair the track, get it inspected and get it back in service. this is a bottleneck for the east coast right now, we understand that and we're trying to move as quickly as possible. >> you and your team i assume have been able to talk to some of the people working on the train, some of the authorities there but what about passengers and what they saw and their experience.
have you been talking to them as well? >> well, we do have a survival factor, and certainly talking to passengers to understand where they were sitting, where the damages to the train occurred, how we could understand what happens so that we can prevent injuries in the future so if there are things we can identify from passengers and witness interviews and certainly it will be incredibly important to talk to the crew, the engineers and conductors operating these trains. >> our hearts and thoughts are with the families of all of the victims and the victims this morning, ntsb chairman deborah hersman, thank you so much. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we've got much more ahead on "cnn saturday morning" which starts after a quick break. e frm a revolutionary material. it absorbs up to 55% more. [ woman ] amazing. [ female announcer ] it's incredible protection, you'll barely feel it.
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from cnn world head quarters in atlanta. >> this is "cnn saturday morning". here's what's ahead this hour. >> all of a sudden we just hear, boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. >> a train collision and derailment along one of the most traveled routes in the northeast. 70 people injured, some in critical condition, and now a major investigation. ten-second daydream alert, what would you do with $600 million? that's the powerball jackpot right now, just think about all the money, but that money will be nothing compared to what it could be if no one wins tonight. >> wait until we tell y t